did not want to make a mistake that could cost me thousands of dollars during the sale of my home.  When I heard what others had experienced with their insurance company, and how Classic helped them, I had Classic present for my inspection at the very start, and I am so glad I did!  The adjuster fought Classic's estimate at every proper turn, but Classic's "know-how" got my entire roof and most of my siding replaced the right way.  I was able to sell my home as a beautifully, remodeled home and not as a minimally, repaired home!  Thank you, Classic!!"


DISCLAIMER: As with most valuable companies for "hire", Classic's Insurance Estimates are NOT free estimates since they are NOT like the average "free estimates" the construction market gives out every day.  Our Insurance Estimates represent a detailed inspection of your damages, detailed diagrams of the damages, proper pictures to prove the estimate, and the correct line-by-line items need to repair your home; juxtaposed to the limited detail and a lump sum style estimates normally associated with the "free estimates" product.  Classic's Insurance Estimates can go "head-to-head" and "toe-to-toe" with your Insurance Carriers' estimates and win!  Classic's Insurance Estimates demonstrate a special knowledge of insurance estimating and practices that make a valuable difference in your bottom line!  Therefore, our estimates are the copyrighted work product of Classic Siding Windows & Patios which may not be duplicated, copied, or used without the express written consent of Classic Siding Windows & Patios and are provided on a per fee basis.  Contact us for more details about how you can use our valuable estimates to your advantage.  Lastly, we are NOT Public Adjusters and do NOT represent you before your Insurance Carrier.  If you retain us to be your Contractor, we can ONLY reach an agreed scope and price with your Insurance Carrier for your damages.



"We received a lowball estimate from our insurance company for storm repairs.   After we complained, they moderately addressed our concerns by sending another adjuster and a second inspection!  Frustrated with their progress, we realized we needed a professional.  We called the people at Classic, and when Classic inspected it with the third adjuster (!), we promptly  reached a proper scope and received nearly a 50% increase in money to complete the work right.  This was the way it should have been the FIRST TIME!"  


"I had never filed a claim before and since I was about to sell my home, I

Duke Family Trust's  Home

"The Duke Trust's home had major storm damage.  Since Classic actually measured 

the roof, they increased the estimate by nearly 20%!!!  -J.D. Stephens, Trust Administrator

CHALLENGE #3- Proper Scope of Repairs.  Your Insurance Carrier and their adjuster are NOT the construction professional.  They do NOT legally possess the professional expertise necessary to make a final determination of your scope of damages beyond that of your contractor's scope.  When these scopes differ, the construction experience of your contractor becomes critical, and how to communicate that information to the Carrier is invaluable if you wish to be fairly compensated for the work your home needs for a complete repair.


Since we understand the issues, we utilize the correct line items with the proper technical and professional understanding needed to properly repair your home to its pre-loss condition.  We know how to ask the right questions which leads to the correct conclusion that most of the time avoids the challenges all together.  In fact, we have had many independent adjusters use our estimates for future reference since they now know that the Insurance Carrier will accept them; thus, exceeding the challenges and making the future better for everyone. 

At Classic, we offer professional services for insurance claims.  Our owner has been involved with insurance claims work since 2001 with valuable experience learned from each job.  His experience enables you to face some of the insurance challenges with dignity.

Challenge #1- Pre-Approved Line Items.  While there is a love/hate relationship with your adjuster, you should know that many of them are simply following the written instructions passed on to them from your Insurance Carrier.  Many of these pre-approved line items were chosen by the Carrier in advance, enabling your adjuster to write your claim quickly in order to avoid "bad faith" and comply with your policy's time limits.  However, these line-items favor the Insurance Carrier.  They do not favor you and your contractor whose interest are the same.   

CHALLEGE#2- Professional Experience.  The adjuster's lack of professional experience in construction and his lack of professional experience with writing estimates could easily result in a loss of money for you on a large loss.  

DO NOT CASH THE CHECK.  His lack of experience could easily translate into  missed "ingredients" in your repair estimate.  Since these missed items are to the Carriers advantage, they almost never correct them without a properly written contractor's estimate.

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