Should I consider removing my old vinyl siding for HardiPlank?!?!  THE VIDEO SAYS IT ALL, but many homeowners who made the switch would say, "ABSOLUTELY!

Why?  The plastic, fading, cheap-looking trailer park siding cannot stand up to the modern, sophisticated, real-wood beauty of a HardiPlank.  There are many examples we can show you in the area where a new HardiPlank job makes the neighboring vinyl sided-home look cheap and outdated! 

Of course, the colors for HardiPlank are only limited by your imagination since our permanent coating comes in nearly any color you could want.  Check-out the HardiPlank difference by requesting your free quote today!

While some "high-pressure sales companies" would cringe at our over-simplification, we believe it provides a good base of understanding for the informed buyer to make a wise decision.  When you request your quote, kindly tell us which grade you would like to consider, and we can have that sample available during our consultation. 

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At Classic, we offer professional options for your exterior needs: Vinyl Siding or Cement Siding.  Either of these options can render a virtually maintenance-free exterior to your home that will last for DECADES to come.


Vinyl siding like most home improvement products can be categorized by several standard levels:

  • Low Grade Vinyl Siding or Builder's Grade vinyl siding pretty much says it all and is the only grade we do not offer.
  • Medium Grade Vinyl Siding is the practical option as it will outlast your home but not rob your retirement to do so.
  • High Grade Vinyl Siding is like the previous except it is noticeably thicker and will cost slightly more.
  • Premium Grade should have you thinking of deep colors such as blues, greens, reds, and browns.
  • Specialty Grade should lead you to think of insulation-backed siding that mimics the real wood and save money on related energy cost.


While there are several brands on the market, we offer only one, James Hardie Siding or locally known as HardiPlank.

Cement siding has many advantages over vinyl siding such as weight, curb appeal, and appearance (the most wood-like of the two), but the difference comes at a slightly increased cost since the current exterior surface of the home must be uninstalled in order to install the new material; whereas, vinyl siding is engineered to install over the existing surface.  When we remove the existing surface, many use this opportunity to install additional or better insulation which easily compensates them for the additional cost by lowering their future energy cost.

The old "tinman" would point out that HardiPlank must be painted every 3-5 years, but at Classic, we have never had an issue, since over the past 13 years, we have add a permanent coating to the surface which eliminated the 3-5 year painting detail giving the home a beautiful wood-like, rot free, and virtually maintenance-free, surface.

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